Meteor 1.3 + React indeterminate <script> load order



I am trying to use a template I purchased on themeforest that came with a bunch of js and css files.

In my client/main.html, I have the following code just before the end of body tag:

The react app is mounted into div#app.

App var in app.js is referenced in layout.js, demo.js and quick-sidebar.js and is supposed to be loaded first. I have placed a log statement in each of four js files. Each time I refresh the page, I get a different load sequence.

Inspecting the page shows the scripts in the right order on the page

The scripts seem to be loaded asynchronously (not blocking). What am I missing here?

This question has also been cross posted to: with more screenshots as I was not allowed to post more than 1 image/link here.