Meteor 1.3 React mobile frameworks


Hi guys…For now i ve been writing mobile apps with blaze that were just using the same UI from my web app with some media queries for responsiveness. Now i have a project for a client in which i have to write two clients, one for the web app which will act as the server and one for the mobile which will get its data served from the web app(meteor backend).do you guys have any advice regarding which ui option i can use for the mobile?

I have seen this tutorial about using ionic with react but it is for meteor 1.2 i wish to go that route but as iam learning the new meteor 1.3 concepts i do not want to get bugged…please advise me


It would probably be worth your while to give React Native a try. It sounds like you are needing to have a more decoupled architecture in which the server and client are distinct and separate. React Native is a great choice in this circumstance. You might find this book helpful in picking it up!


@ryanswapp…Well thank you for your advice…i was looking into it since yesterday but i thought the learning curve was steep…ill try to dive more into it and check the book you mentioned…as to make it work with meteor, how should i go about it?


ive seen this npm package react-native-meteor i think am all set…now on to learn react native


If you don’t want to learn a completely new system, i.e. React Native, you may want to check out this project for your mobile UI. You could also look at the new Onsen 2.0 release as it has a React component based ui as well with demo here

Finally, if you want to stay with a single React component UI library for both your web and mobile apps, and you like Google Material Design, you should check out this new project

We’ve been playing around with Essence and it seems to have some great promise and has built in grid for web and mobile.


thanks ill be sure to check essence to produce a demo for my client…if the project is validated ill use it while learning react native for further projects…thanks again