Meteor 1.3 Webpack?

How will Meteor developers make use of things like Stylus or SCSS loaders without having direct access to Webpack and Atmosphere packages?

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The question is why you want to use webpack-loaders without webpack? :wink: Btw. actually there is a way: babel-plugin-webpack-loaders but this is rather usefull when testing in the CLI etc.

Also You can use Meteor packages without Atmosphere. This is just an online catalog. Packages has its own server. Next thing is that right now there isn’t a possibility to use Stylus or Node-Sass from Npm packages. Meteor has it’s own build system and it needs Meteor packages for that (core or community ones).

don’t use two building system

I don’t get it. How can I compile SASS or Stylus files if they’re removing Atmosphere and I don’t have access to Webpack?

Yet we’re still using the Meteor build system?

It almost seems inevitable that we’ll have to use two build systems.

You can now load CSS, LESS, and SASS from NPM modules in Meteor without Webpack: (see “importing styles”)


Man I love you.

Especially on YouTube in the podcasts - you’re well spoken and can take abstract concepts and make them easy for people to understand.