Meteor 1.4.2 Update Problems


When I try to update to 1.4.2 on MacOS I’m getting:
Unable to update package catalog (are you offline?)

If you are using Meteor behind a proxy, set HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY environment variables or see
this page for more details:

Sorry, Meteor 1.4.2 is not installed and could not be downloaded. Please check to make sure that you
are online.

Looks like Meteor’s package server is up and running and I’m not experiencing any internet problems.

Is anyone else getting this message?


yes, the same here…


This worked for me

METEOR_WAREHOUSE_URLBASE= meteor update --release 1.4.2


There was a diff problem. It is now online and fixed.


Worked with the

METEOR_WAREHOUSE_URLBASE= meteor update --release 1.4.2