Meteor Not Supported On Windows? was released 9 days ago so I thought it would be supported. On a Mac I updated the project to but when another person on my team tries to install project on Windows 10 we’re informed is not supported on Windows and to use the following command to pin it to the latest version supported on windows:

meteor update --release METEOR@

This does not work just regurgitates the same error message and instructions.

Any help would be appreciated.

what node and npm are u using ? incl. Windows 10?

i think u should install babel like this meteor npm install --save babel-runtime.

I tested it after the install of babel at that works !! i have a webapp runnig on port 3000 without errors

hope this helps

Thanks, I will try that

I am running windows 10 and I think I just need to reinstall meteor. I have another windows 10 box I have running on ok - installed it last night.

Of course now I’m hitting a directory not empty error in the isopacks folder for a specific package where the folder is actually empty. Very frustrating.

We finally got installed and working ok on our problem box.

At then end of the day we had to replace our users/appdata/local/.meteor directory content via the manual install route since the meteor uninstaller was not behaving particularly nice.

Great it works for me as well in windows 7