Meteor 1.4 + Blaze ebooks or tutorials?

Hi guys,

I’m coming back to Meteor from v1.2 and found that quite a lot has changed! It feels a little more intimidating compared to when I tried it previously, even the todos app confused me with the imports, exports and multiple folder structures. But I’m still keen on picking it back up.

I’ve found and purchased and found some free tutorials on the latest version but all of them comes packed with React rather than Blaze. I understand that this is the popular and recommended route. But after going through them, I found that React is a little too tough for me compared to Blaze (also I don’t know which part is React required and which is Meteor stuff so I can’t extract what info I need from there), and I don’t foresee working on big projects with Meteor, just small side projects.

Okay, I realised this is a little long-winded, but basically I am wondering if there are any Meteor 1.4 + Blaze tutorials or ebooks out there I can get to kickstart back with Meteor from beginner to intermediate stuff?

Thanks in advance!

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If React is too tought for you, you can try Vue, now or in the future. It combines the simplicity of Blaze with the modern features of React. The integration with Meteor isn’t 100% ready yet for big commercial projects (there are still some missing things like better state management integration with Meteor and full Typescript support), but small side things are already more than fine.

Blaze stuff didn’t change much. The imports are annoying at the beginning, but you get used to them sooner or later.

It’s got new guide that explains a lot.

If you want Blaze, I’d recommend going with manuel:viewmodel package, which makes working with Blaze easier and faster and has great documentation at, that is enough for most of what you need from Blaze docs anyways.

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I made this series:


and am recording an intermediate one right now. Don’t me to advertise my own work, but I think it could help. The new Blaze guide is also excellent.

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Wow, Vue looks really similar to Blaze, did some Googling, seems a lot of people have good stuff to say about it too!

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Hey @stolinski, thanks for the recommendation! Yea, actually I tried emailing you via the site, the playlist section seems to be missing for me, I can’t see what’s in the tutorial chapters despite trying on different browsers, not sure if it’s meant to be missing or something happened.
When will the intermediate one be released? Definitely looking forward to watching both series.

If it’s just little side projects, code like it’s 2015 and ignore all the import/export stuff. 1.4 works just fine with things made years ago. (MDG’s efforts in backwards compatibility are outstanding!)