Meteor 1.4 javascript libraries


Until now meteor did find the javascript libraries, now meteor fails to find the “init” library
routine. ?

changing “.” to _ helped


How are you adding Janus to your project - using the rtc-janus npm package, or by integrating the janus.js javascript library directly?


yes simply adding the janus.js files to client/lib was working well !! until 1.4


I’m not sure why it’s working with 1.4-rc.14 and not with 1.4, but you might want to move the janus.js file into /client/compatibility instead of /client/lib. See the Special directories section of the Guide for more info (the client/compatibility sub-section in particular).


I found out the issue. The latest janus.js is changed with many “.” in place of “_”.

So I can use the old janus.js for now. Many updates of all the files.

It was Janus. that changed. Lucky I had the old version. Some how Janus_init() is good and Janus.init()
is not.