Meteor 1.4 Tutorials

I’m new to web development and liked the idea of having a single framework for all layers of the stack.
I want to learn meteor.js but couldn’t find any free tutorials that teach basic meteor 1.4.

There was a tutorial series by LevelUpTutorials, but the old free series is now outdated, and his new tutorial series for meteor 1.4 is pay to watch.

Are there any good resources out there that teach meteor for beginners, and are free?

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MDG has some nice free tutorials:

Maybe this can help

And of course the official guide is invaluable (you can check example repos on github generated by following the official guide recommendations) :stuck_out_tongue:

From a fresh install last week, my tutorial journey (“simple-todos”) stopped when the Mongo entries I entered in the meteor mongo console did not appear in the html front-end. Can anyone vouch that the tutorial still works? I am using Windows 7 and meteor and firefox 49.0.2.

My meteor shell tinkering got me some feel of a mongo instance that might be connecting to mongodb://
Calling meteor mongo -U displays mongodb://