Meteor 1.5.2 to 1.6 Breaking Changes - new Buffer


Hi re: and Specifically the Breaking Changes like:

“Deprecated new Buffer() in favor of a few newly added Buffer APIs: Buffer.from(), Buffer.alloc() and Buffer.allocUnsafe().”

For example the aws-sdk is riddled with new Buffer.

I am a bit confused, as after upgrading my code still seems to work, I think. (ie not sure if it’s hitting the AWS new Buffer code.

Anyway, any guidance here appreciated (Thanks)


The key here is deprecated. It has not been removed yet, but is not the suggested way of accomplishing things. Typically items go from deprecated to removed over time.


Thanks. yeah, I figured something like that, but was not sure given that it was a few NodeJS releases ago. Mmm… not sure if/when AWS plan to update.