Meteor 1.5 & Blaze: Linking external social media account to user account


is there currently any working solution for Meteor 1.5 and Blaze to link the user account of Meteor to instagram and/or facebook, so that either of the external social media sites could be used as login for the same user?

Or what would be the best approach to achieve that? I was only able to find some old sources of early 2015 and fear that they are no longer up to date.

Thanks in advance.

meteor add accounts-facebook always did the trick for me

The accounts-facebook package cannot link existing users with a facebook account though.

What I want to achieve is the following: a user should be able to link his meteor account with a facebook account and/or instagram account. And from then on, he should be able to login using either his meteor account or any of his linked social media accounts.

However, I do not want to rewrite the whole accounts package from scratch as there are too many security aspects to consider, so I was hoping for either an existing solution or an idea on how to adopt this logic to the accounts package meteor comes with.

Ah, I understand. Some time ago I wrote a simple account merge feature into my application, but have not used it in a while. I believe there are packages out there to accomplish this as well.

What you’re looking for is an account melder. There are several packages out there but mostly unmaintained so you might need to fork them

Not sure about instagram but if you use accounts-facebook and login with facebook the email will be stored on that user. You could incorporate a melder that searches verified emails on your system + social logins and combines the account.

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I use this:

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