Meteor 1.5 build stuck on startup

My Meteor 1.5 builds are getting stuck on exactly the same point on both Windows and Linux (ubuntu and amazon linux). To reproduce this I’ve created a new meteor project and issued the following steps:

Init project called ‘src’

meteor create src


URL is valid and mongo url is a working mongo database.

Running the build

cd src
npm install --production
# Put into parent folder
meteor build .. --directory
cd ../bundle/programs/server && npm install

Running the app

cd ../../ && node main.js

The unbuild version of the src app is working as expected with the MONGO_URL. But running the above command gives me nothing. This is what I see on both Windows and Linux:

I’ve kept it running for over 2 hours to be sure. Can anyone tell me if i’m either doing something wrong, or that its a bug and it needs to be reported?

I’ve found the issue. There are 2 things that need to be present to have it work:

  • The ROOT_URL is required, but only works without a port
  • The PORT env var needs to be specified

Even so, there is no console feedback about this. Its empty like the image in my previous post.

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could it just be that it was running and listening on the default port 3000?

in production mode I believe the default meteor behavior is no output, so that could be the issue.