Meteor 1.5 deploy issue - container is being stopped as part of deploying a new version


hey guys

My deploys seem to be building fine but then just hang and eventually say the following

2017-10-10 01:06:23+01:00Pushing image to Galaxy's Docker registry.
2017-10-10 01:06:43+01:00Cleaning up.
2017-10-10 01:06:45+01:00Successfully built version 19.
2017-10-10 01:07:13+01:00Application process starting, version 19
2017-10-10 01:07:39+01:00The container is being stopped as part of deploying a new version.
2017-10-10 01:08:12+01:00Application exited with signal: killed

any clues?


Raise a ticket with Galaxy support?


This is the activity I see in my logs on each deployment, so if you aren’t seeing anything load, maybe look in your browser’s console when you try to navigate to the app’s page.

Side note - after you see the line Application exited with signal: killed, you should expect to see the new version of your app when you load the site.


i’m getting

503 Service Unavailable: No healthy endpoints to handle the request. If you’re the owner of this app, see this article for more information:

GET 503 (Service Unavailable)


When you log into your galaxy panel, what’s the status button at the top? Green? Green and spinning? Red?


green and solid and happy!

DNS mebbe?


Or Mongo? Did you try this:

Run dig +show [your app’s domain] in the terminal and verify that its CNAME points to Galaxy.


i’ve checked my DNS - was pointing to my old deployment on US servers, on EU now!
dig +show confirms…

Lets see!

Thanks guys - v much appreciate it !


yep, this was it!

thanks so much guys :slight_smile: