Meteor 1.5 Galaxy App - Missing Images fine on reload


When I load up my app on iPhone, I get images that are missing. They are apart of the original installed package.
but the local server was unable to retrieve the images, If I force close the app and reload they show back up.
Its all the images?

Anyone else have this problem any ideas on how to correct this.

I am using the webapp override to have the app recover, but it normally has a quick flicker if it takes effect.



Hey friend, any breakthrough??


I haven’t seen it in a while, but what I started to do was add svg directly to the CSS so the images can’t go missing if they are embedded, in the 3 main files.


I was having the issues for both public folder as well as for S3 images. Afterwards I found that it was the issue related to relative and absolute path. So I changed the paths of all public images from ‘…/images/xyz.png’ to Meteor.absoluteUrl()+’…/images/xyz.png’. And now its working fine for public folder images not yet tested for S3 yet.