Meteor 1.5 - imports of multiple templates in one file

After updating Meteor to 1.5 I now had to include every single html and js file manually, that was funny and I´m now finished after ~150 files.

I had some cases, where I had multiple templates in one HTML file, for example a small popup which I felt doesn´t require a separate file.

But now it seems Meteor doesn´t find the second template within that file. Is it even possible to do that after the update at all?

The update should not have changed loading behaviour. If they were in an imports directory, you would have had to import them already, and if not the autoloading is still default behaviour?

As for multiple templates in the one file, I just tested it with imports and there was no problem.

Are you getting any console errors?

They weren´t in the imports directory before, I had to move the collection there because of another problem. But makes sense, thank you