Meteor 1.5 / jQuery / Fading functions


I trying to use $("").fadeIn() but get error that fadeIn is undefined.
From my console

>"3.1.1 -ajax,-ajax/jsonp,-ajax/load,-ajax/parseXML,-ajax/script,-ajax/var/location,-ajax/var/nonce,-ajax/var/rquery,->ajax/xhr,-manipulation/_evalUrl,-event/ajax,-effects,-effects/animatedSelector,-effects/Tween,-deprecated"
>VM4632:1 Uncaught TypeError: $(...).fadeIn is not a function
>   at <anonymous>:1:8

At the same time jQuery 3.1.1 provides fading functions. This jsfiddle snipper demonstrates it.

I used jQuery fading functions over year ago with meteor 1.3 (or 1.4 - don’t remember exactly).

I found out that it exists jQuery slim version without ajax and effect modules. I guess that meteor 1.5 uses slim version of jQuery.
In this case, how I can add full version of jQuery to my project?

It is possbile to add jquery package
meteor add jquery
and use full jQuery version from your own code, but if you use packages that require full version of jQuery like “toastr” the issue still exists.