Meteor rendering a blank page with SSR


We recently updated updated from 1.5.1 to After fixing a babel related issue, we encountered an issue wherein WebAppInternals.getBoilerplate returns a stream as opposed to string before.

Because of returning a stream, the package SSR is unable to minify html as it expects a string. There is an issue raised in the SSR project here.

We fixed this by converting the stream to string & passing string to html minifier with below code:

    const meteorHtml = WebAppInternals.getBoilerplate(stepResults.req, WebApp.defaultArch);
    let actualHTML = '';'data', (chunk) => {
      actualHTML += chunk.toString();
    });'end', () => {
      stepResults.html = htmlMinifier.minify(actualHTML, {
        removeScriptTypeAttributes: true,
        removeStyleLinkTypeAttributes: true,
        collapseWhitespace: true,

After this when I hit the application it returns me a blank page with no logs in console that we printed in the router of SSR package.

I am also creating a ticket for getting help from SSR package team & other users. But it would be great if anyone here could also help in case they experienced a similar problem.

– Update
Also raised an issue with the SSR package to get any help from them.


Got this corrected by using promise as because of stream it became async instead of sync which was previously.