Meteor rendering a blank page with SSR



We recently updated updated from 1.5.1 to After fixing a babel related issue, we encountered an issue wherein WebAppInternals.getBoilerplate returns a stream as opposed to string before.

Because of returning a stream, the package SSR is unable to minify html as it expects a string. There is an issue raised in the SSR project here.

We fixed this by converting the stream to string & passing string to html minifier with below code:

    const meteorHtml = WebAppInternals.getBoilerplate(stepResults.req, WebApp.defaultArch);
    let actualHTML = '';'data', (chunk) => {
      actualHTML += chunk.toString();
    });'end', () => {
      stepResults.html = htmlMinifier.minify(actualHTML, {
        removeScriptTypeAttributes: true,
        removeStyleLinkTypeAttributes: true,
        collapseWhitespace: true,

After this when I hit the application it returns me a blank page with no logs in console that we printed in the router of SSR package.

I am also creating a ticket for getting help from SSR package team & other users. But it would be great if anyone here could also help in case they experienced a similar problem.

– Update
Also raised an issue with the SSR package to get any help from them.


Meteor client app fails with Package.modules undefined using --production

Got this corrected by using promise as because of stream it became async instead of sync which was previously.