Meteor 1.6 (beta) and Galaxy


(If you haven’t taken a peak at what’s coming in Meteor 1.6, check out @benjamn’s excellent blog post on the Meteor Blog.)

While Meteor 1.6 is still in beta (and thus comes with a disclaimer that it may contain bugs or be subject to changes), I wanted to inform anyone attempting to deploy a Meteor 1.6 application that we’ve completed some changes to Galaxy to ensure it is also ready for 1.6. Deploying upgraded applications should be as simple as:

meteor deploy <site>

(First-time deployments should read the quick start guide.)

The changes revolved around npm@5 support (which Meteor 1.6 ships with) and making sure that Galaxy understands how to react to different major npm versions. I’ve just completed the testing and it appears to be working properly in all three regions (North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific).

This is extra exciting for Windows users since an underlying bug with previous versions of npm occasionally created issues when deploying. This was due to Windows-only file-path artifacts in package.json files not being corrected when moved to Unix-based infrastructures (such as Galaxy). This is now fixed thanks to an upstream fix in npm.

I’m happy to try to address problems here, but if you have any problems deploying, it’s probably best to open an issue with Galaxy support (through the Galaxy Dashboard)! And of course if you have any problems with the Meteor 1.6 beta outside of deploying, please open an issue on the Meteor repository!

Meteor 1.6 beta is bleeding edge in 2017

I’m very happy with deploys on Galaxy using Meteor 1.6 because it is faster than 1.5, I have something around 5x faster. @abernix do you know why? That is just coincidence or have you worked on improvements related to speed? Npm@5, maybe?