Meteor 1.6 Fixes iOS icon problems!


Last month I complained that Meteor didn’t export to iOS Xcode nicely, and had to manually re-import all my icons.

Meteor 1.6 made a solid fix for it!

Thanks MDG!


Actually, some things to notice with that fix:

  1. Bug entered into Meteor Issues DB 2 days ago by community member @markoshust.
  2. Fixed by a community member @skirunman almost right away.
  3. @benjamn accepted the pull request very quickly and it is in v1.5.3 & v1.6.

Meteor has built review systems and procedures for involving the community and with an active community we all get a much better product.

Suggestion: Dive in!

  • Feel free to enter issues into the Meteor DB. Just follow their guidelines (which you will see as the default text in your new issue). Maybe it would have been fixed close to a month ago when you first identified the issue?
  • If you are feeling ambitious or have an immediate need; try to build a pull request that fixes your problem. A pull request is a lot easier for the MDG folks to respond to. Before you develop it, etiquette is to discuss what you will do in the bug and get approval from an MDG member. Otherwise, you may put a lot of work in and discover that it is being worked elsewhere so your PR may not be approved.

Now that @skirunman has solved the problem, feel free to go to the PR and let him know you appreciate his help! Hooray, Thumbs up or Heart…


Meteor has always been lights-out with support. I don’t get this good of a support from my paid plans :smile: