Meteor deploy failure

I upgraded an app to meteor and am now getting errors when deploying to Galaxy:

Talking to Galaxy servers at
Preparing to deploy your app...
app/client/main.scss.css: warn: There are some @import rules those are not taking effect as they are required to be in the beginning of the file.
Node#moveTo was deprecated. Use Container#append.

Errors prevented deploying:
While minifying app code:
C:\Users\mhl\AppData\Local\.meteor\packages\standard-minifier-js\2.3.4\plugin.minifyStdJS.os\npm\node_modules\meteor\babel-compiler\node_modules\babylon\lib\index.js:779:15: Unexpected
token (1:82671)
at _class.raise

I’ve tried backing out to meteor 1.6.1,(via meteor --release 1.6.1) but that seems to make no difference.

What now?

Any comment on this? I can’t deploy my latest update to my application because of this problem.

I’ve Googled this problem and have found reports of similar issues but none with any clear solution.

Try replacing standard-minifier-js with abernix:minifier-js

The bug to track is here


I rolled back to and we are all good

I tried updating to and then deploying, but that did not fix this problem.

This might be fixed by:

Do you mind updating to the latest 1.7.1 beta, which includes this fix, to see if the problem goes away? Since you’re on 1.7 already, that should be accomplished fairly easily by running the following from within a Meteor project:

meteor update --release 1.7.1-beta.15
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I installed this update a day or two ago, in response to a suggestion in another topic. It did fix this problem. Yay!

I see that is out. Does it fix this problem permanently. Or should I stay with this 1.7.1-beta.15?

The and do not include terser. That’s still in the 1.7.1 pipeline: