Meteor 1.7.1 (currently in beta) - Do we need to install fetch?

This was indicated in the history file for Meteor 1.7.1

As foreshadowed in this talk about Meteor 1.7’s modern/legacy bundling system (slides), Meteor now provides an isomorphic implementation of the WHATWG fetch() API, which can be installed by running

meteor add fetch

This package is a great demonstration of the modern/legacy bundling system, since it has very different implementations in modern browsers, legacy browsers, and Node. PR #10029

Will it improve Meteor without our app directly using the fetch() API?

No. It just let’s you use the new ‘Fetch’ api in an isomorphic, worry-free way so that it works in both node, modern and legacy browsers (although there are some subtle differences between the 3).

It’s basically meant as a modern replacement to Meteor’s HTTP package.


Good to know. Thanks