Meteor 1.7 custom entry points: not working for the <head> tag?


“Custom entry points” is an amazing new feature of Meteor 1.7.
The feature seems to work as expected, except for the html tag inclusion. When specifying a client entry point, the tag seems to keep following the old rule: it is included whenever it appears in any file, i.e. even when not explicitly imported from the entry point.
Any feedback? Am I missing something?


Yeah, the entry points are only for js files. templates and styles will still follow the old rules for eager loading.

Found the PR:

Here’s the key part: (emphasis mine)

Also note that the loading behavior of non-JavaScript resources is not affected by packageJson.meteor.mainModule. Only resources added by compiler plugins via addJavaScript are subject to the new configuration option. If a compiler plugin calls addStylesheet or addHtml, those resources will still be included unconditionally in the HTML document rendered by the web server. While you could try to import these resources from JavaScript, you would only be importing any JavaScript resources the compiler plugin registered using addJavaScript, and not the actual HTML or CSS resources. I welcome feedback on this decision, but if there’s no meaningful way to import a resource, making it lazy just means it won’t be loaded at all.