Meteor 1.7 --minimal with only DDP and Mongo Server


I’m trying to create a Meteor project minimal as possible, with --minimal option in 1.7 most work done by mdg.

But I need mongo and ddp and accounts but I not wan’t to use minimongo. Instead of minimongo I want to catch ddp events and save it to redux state.

How to install mongo without minimongo, even if I can, will everything (accounts etc.) work as expected?

You could certainly install the npm mongo package instead of Meteor’s, but I am pretty certain that accounts etc will not work. I haven’t tried this, so I’ll be interested in the outcome.

So ddp package need to be installed and mongo observer part will be written, I guess :slight_smile:

I think you should be able to avoid minimongo on client-side by creating a local package with a configuration like:

Package.onUse(api => {
 api.imply('mongo', 'server')

and installing this local package instead of mongo directly (ref)

Not sure how that would affect the functioning of accounts though.


Should I need to expose package mongo to global?