Meteor 1.7 + Webstorm 2018 debugger doesn't stop on new waypoints?

Does anyone using Meteor 1.7 + Webstorm 2018.2.2 have this issue?

I can debug my app only if I add breakpoints before running, but once the app is running, new breakpoints are ignored (execution doesn’t stop). I have to stop the app, and re launch again to have the new breakpoints working.

One doubt I have is if it is a:

  • Node.js issue (because “recently” the debugger implementation changed) or
  • Webstorm issue
  • Meteor issue
  • My project setup issue

I’d appretiate if someone can share its experience in order to know where to post the issue.

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they’re pretty responsive in my experience

Experiencing the same problem, looks like it’s something webstorm introduced on the last 2018 update (.2 I think) since it was working mostly fine with previous version. Don’t know if that’s related to changes in Node ( I doubt it). My way of solving it is just adding a line jump, undoing and saving, so when realoding it adds the new breakpoints, but yeah it sucks.

As @maxhodges said, the best approach is to open an issue there (they may be responsive, but fixes take quite a long time to be released normally)

Edit: Have found this

Thanks for replying and for the links.

So it is a Webstorm issue since 2018.6.1.
As commented in the issue tracking, the 2018.1.5 works as expected.
I’ll download that version.

Confirmed, it works as expected in the 2018.1.5.
Happy to have my debugging user experience back!

We are facing the same issue. Breakpoints are only activated after restart! We use WS 2018.2.5 and Meteor 1.8. Debugging used to work fine in WS 2017.3 and Meteor 1.5, but it stopped working after migrating to the latest versions. More importantly, some server breakpoints are never get activated, some breakpoints are not getting hit although they are activated, some breakpoints get hit but on different lines!

I tried the following with no luck!

  • Downgrading WS to 2017.3
  • Updating source-map package to the latest version
  • Using --inspect and --inspect-brk

Any idea how to fix this?

As you can see the bug is already tracked on Jetbrains issue tracker and I’m afraid the ball in on their court. Also, I’m having hopes that when this lands into node, it will make it work better, since now when trying debug async code, if you don’t set a lot of breakpoints it will jump and never stop after async code.

Looks like the PR got merged and should be available on 8.13 (look for ce65d84537 commit there)

Hopefully this helps with the debugging behaviour on WS :slight_smile: