Meteor 1.8.1 Docker Installation


I have an application written with Meteor 1.8.1, which used to work perfectly (last used a year ago). Recently, there has been a need to run it/set it up again. The usual docker build command now fails with this result:


I’m using a Meteor Docker starter from here GitHub - jshimko/meteor-launchpad: A base Docker image for Meteor applications. (well an updated fork, since the one mentioned here uses an outdated Debian repo, which results in 404).

Luckily, docker hub has a bunch of forks that were recently updated to resolve this issue (Docker Hub), but no matter which fork I try, they all fail at actually downloading Meteor.

My question would be: Is 1.8.1 still available? Has anyone had a similar issue?

Just downloaded it locally so not sure if there is something restricting the access to the download server. :thinking:

Beside that you should really update to at least Meteor 1.9 to get Node 12.

Never mind, I’ve resolved this by creating a custom fork of that docker image.

P.S: Yes the application probably needs an upgrade, but it is only used periodically for short periods of time - will most likely do it once it needs an additional feature/change in the future

The only other thing that I can think of is to check that the certificates workaround is implemented:

The issue was with the meteor install script, it would download the meteor script and manually replace the version number. By following this guide, the issue was resolved:

Additionally, another issue was that the script would replace the tar command with bsdtar in the install script, something changed since the last time I’ve used it to make this approach incompatible. Luckily, just using tar was the solution, I had no issues with that approach.

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