Meteor 1.8.1 node hogging CPU

I had created a separate thread about my app being too slow on meteor 1.8.1. I forgot to mention one thing. So starting another thread.

With meteor 1.8.1 which has nodejs v8.15.1, the node process takes up more than 100% CPU whenever I click on any menu tab in my app. Due to this application has become very slow.

This behavior of node hogging the CPU is not seen with meteor which has node v8.11.4 or with meter 1.8.2-rc.3 which has node v8.16.1. So why the issue only with meteor v1.8.1 which has nodev8.15.1? Also how do I debug this issue … any pointers?

Start with checking the changelog and see if anything stands out.

This was already talked about here.