Meteor 1.8 Package.modules undefined

I’m running Meteor 1.8 on Windows and ever since upgrading I am getting issues with the Package.modules being undefined.

meteor list output:

accounts-password                 1.5.1  Password support for accounts
aldeed:collection2-core           2.1.2  Core package for aldeed:collection2
blaze-html-templates              1.1.2  Compile HTML templates into reactive UI with Meteor Blaze
cfs:gridfs                        0.0.34  GridFS storage adapter for CollectionFS
cfs:s3                            0.1.3  Amazon Web Services S3 storage adapter for CollectionFS
cfs:standard-packages             0.5.10  Filesystem for Meteor, collectionFS
czbaker:lightbox2                 2.7.1_1  Provides the Lightbox2 JS library for Meteor.
ecmascript                        0.12.0  Compiler plugin that supports ES2015+ in all .js files
es5-shim                          4.8.0  Shims and polyfills to improve ECMAScript 5 support
fourseven:scss                    4.10.0  Style with attitude. Sass and SCSS support for Meteor.js.
gadicc:blaze-react-component      1.4.1  <Blaze template="itemsList" items={items} />
gfk:notifications                 1.1.4  Notifications - Add reactive notifications to any meteor template
johanbrook:publication-collector  1.1.0  Test a Meteor publication by collecting its output.
kadira:blaze-layout               2.3.0  Layout Manager for Blaze (works well with FlowRouter)
kadira:flow-router                2.12.1  Carefully Designed Client Side Router for Meteor
less                              2.8.0  Leaner CSS language
mdg:meteor-apm-agent              3.1.2  Performance Monitoring for Meteor
mdg:validated-method              1.2.0  A simple wrapper for Meteor.methods
meteor-base                       1.4.0  Packages that every Meteor app needs
mobile-experience                 1.0.5  Packages for a great mobile user experience
mongo                             1.6.0  Adaptor for using MongoDB and Minimongo over DDP
ostrio:files                      1.10.2  File upload via DDP/HTTP to server, 3rd party storage support: AWS S3, GridF...
ostrio:logger                     2.0.7  Logging: isomorphic driver with support of MongoDB, File (FS) and Console
ostrio:loggerconsole              2.0.4  Logging: Print Client's logs to Server's console, messages colorized for bett...
peerlibrary:reactive-publish      0.7.1  Reactive publish endpoints
peppelg:bootstrap-3-modal         1.0.4  Simple usage of bootstrap 3 modals.
react-meteor-data                 0.2.16  React higher-order component for reactively tracking Meteor data
react-template-helper             0.2.11  Use React components in native Meteor templates
reactive-var                      1.0.11  Reactive variable
session                           1.1.8  Session variable
standard-minifier-css             1.5.0  Standard css minifier used with Meteor apps by default.
standard-minifier-js              2.4.0  Standard javascript minifiers used with Meteor apps by default.
tracker                           1.2.0  Dependency tracker to allow reactive callbacks
ultimatejs:tracker-react          1.0.5  No-Config reactive React Components with Meteor. Apply as composition, mixin ...
underscore                        1.0.10  Collection of small helpers:, _.each, ...

The issue seems to affect both running in the normal dev as well as --production mode. The console shows this issue in a lot of packages none of which can reference Package.modules.

I’ve tride to completely uninstall and reinstall meteor to no effect.