Meteor 1.8! Woot!


It’s here! Try not to be too excited :slight_smile:


Since I have been using it for a while through the beta and rc processes I can’t imagine things being any different. :smile:


Even if you’ve been using the beta’s and rc’s, I think you’ll still find the “What’s next” section of that post very interesting … :wink:


Very interesting read. Much appreciated!


Congrats to the Meteor team and the community!


Fantastic work! Very excited to see Meteor being so actively being developed


Ah the joy! the thought and effort behind this release are very appreciated, thank you MDG team and the community :slight_smile: Also I want to add Benjamn is a genius, tons of respect to this guy.


Yes, what’s next is always exciting. I’m keeping a close eyes on the PRs as well.


Great work folks :clap: It’s brilliant we’ve got Mongo 4 already and things like Typescript support and installing Meteor from npm would be great!


This is great news! I hope it is coming with some new features!


A few packages that you maybe need to update to have the benefits of recently added lazy compilation for scss files: (thanks @seba)

Latest versions:


Good update, but I’d have gone for a more positive title

Meteor 1.8 advances the innovations of Meteor 1.7
Meteor 1.8 supports MongoDB 4.0, Multi-Document Transactions and more


Cool, fresh Mongo, fresh Node, back to the heavyweight jam :)))


Well done MDG, thank you!


Super exciting stuff! Thank and cograt’s!

Any good, tailored solutions for create-react-native-app?



Delayed build of web.browser.legacy is good. Though how can we completely disable it in local development environment?


Not yet to my knowledge, but it will probably be in the next version:


Awesome work!!! :smiley:


Wellcome meteor 1.8. i’m interesting it


@benjamn Sorry for the ping, but can I ask you when do you plan to release the opinionated meteor + apollo + typescript project structure you wrote about in the announcement? E.g. it’s days, weeks or months away?

If you can believe it, we have even more opinions about the best way to set up an Apollo-based Meteor app, an app that uses TypeScript alongside ECMAScript, and many other different templates for new Meteor projects.