Meteor 1.9.2 HOWTO mongodb insert from browser?

From broswer console, I’m trying to insert to database

Collection {_transform: null, _connection: Connection, _collection: LocalCollection, _name: “players”, _makeNewID: ƒ, …}

PlayersList.insert({name: “David”,score: 0});
meteor.js?hash=33066830ab46d87e2b249d2780805545e40ce9ba:1048 insert failed: Method ‘/players/insert’ not found

You need to add meteor insecure package:
meteor add insecure

Is this the latest release of Meteor?

No. I’m also not sure what the OP is actually trying to do.

This usually means the collection has not been defined (e.g. const Players = new Mongo.Collection('players'); on the client AND server. Both must exist before any modification is possible from the client (including the browser console).

However, to paraphrase @rhywden - “why do you want to do this?”

Do you mean Meteor 1.8.2?