Meteor 1.9 + angular (latest v9)

I have been developing web apps using Meteor + Blaze for over 4 years. I do love it! and still learning :slight_smile:

My client asked me the other day whether the web app can be ported to her iPad (for the use of camera, maps, contacts etc). So I started looking into Cordova and many suggested to use Ionic as an UI layer.

So I followed started looking into angular2-meteor - but wasn’t sure if I am installing the latest version of Angular that would work with Ionic 5 (Ionic 5 supports Javascript too thought it is good to learn something new).

I am new the Angular, though have done all the tutorials and understand the concept.

Any help would be much appreciated.

@sarteg I have the same question. I’m surprised that no one has answered. My question is that I do see packages with Meteor - angular, like in the tutorials. The tutorial makes you do the following:

meteor add angular-templates

Then they do the following:

meteor npm install --save angular angular-meteor

The question I have is, which version of Angular are we using. By using this version of angular are we pigeonholing ourselves to be stuck there? Does this really follow the development path of the Angular CLI?
I would appreciate it if someone in the community would answer. Thanks.

Angular-meteor has issues with angular 8 and 9.
It works fine with 7

The project seems to be in a weird state and doesn’t seems to get maintained.

If your looking at using ionic.
My advice is to check out meteor-client-bundler
It will allow you to add the meteor functionality to any angular based project.

But build the front end seperate from meteor itself.

Thanks for you response. I’ll check it out.

Hi @sosawise, are you able to use meteor-client-bundler in an angular project with meteor functionality? I’m still struggling to create an angular + meteor boilerplate project. please reply, any guidance will be really helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow. I know this is very late. I kind of gave up on my meteor project. But it just got resurrected because I have a client interested in it.
So my issue is that I angular is not well supported here. I’m seriously looking at moving off of Meteor because of this.

Currently my project is running Angular version 2.4.7. Meteor is 1.6. It is slower the molasses. Very difficult to manage.

I understand that the later version of Meteor are much faster. But I’m unable to migrate to them.