Meteor 2.12 is out now 🌠

Hey everyone,

Meteor 2.12 is now out and recommended! :confetti_ball:

The new version brings updates on a new Blaze version.

Take a look at some of the other highlights below:

• Blaze 2.6.2 release
• Warning When Using Old API
• MongoDB Driver Update to 4.16
• And more!

For full details on the release, click here to read the blog post by @grubba.




Thanks for the heads up. The blog posts mentions that Meteor now warns if you use the “old API” (which I think is still the “working API”, right?). Yet it doesn’t mention a link to the “new API” and a “migration roadmap / tutorial”. If the intention is that we now start gradually migrating our code, this would be handy.

Hello there, thanks for the feedback! Will update the post with the migration guide for 2.12 that mentions this warning when using “old API” I could use the term “non-async API.”

For the matter of:

Yet it doesn’t mention a link to the “new API” and a “migration roadmap / tutorial”

I will add the 2.8 migration guide as it is the one that added those *Async methods.

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Thanks, makes sense!

One question about the migration: How do we deal with 3rd party packages that still use the “old API”? There’s quite a lot of them out there, and many are abandoned.

For those, we probably would ask the community for help, we did this in the past for the 1.0 → 2.0 migration(Filipe created Meteor-compact) and helped with the migration.

There are some packages that we will insert into the core so we can evolve them and maintain them with a closer eye, for other packages we will maintain in the compact repo