Meteor 2.14-rc.1 is out! The Hacktoberfest release!

Hello there!! Today, I bring the release candidate for 2.14.

What changed?

In this release, really nice changes and updates. I will element them here, but if you want to do a full check on every single change, you can check here.

  • More interactive Meteor create command PR;
  • Add possibility to await for tracker.autorun to be invoked(helps a lot blaze) PR;
  • Add --open flag to meteor commands so that it opens the browser PR;
  • Bumped MongoDB driver to 4.17 PR;
  • Removed underscore from many packages PR-query;
  • Security updates;

How to test it?

To test it, you can run meteor update --release 2.14-rc.1 in your project.

Happy coding!