Meteor 2.16 is out!

Hello everyone,

Release 2.16 is out! :rocket::rocket::rocket:

You can learn more about it in our blog post!

You can also check out our changelog.


Nice to see that people are trying to fix the issues with the oplog, but to be honest: The solution isn’t really that what is needed. In a common situation, you delete data from a collection that you use in production. For example, you delete a huge amount of old chat messages. In that case, we have to ignore the certain query. That’s what redis-oplog allows you to do. IMHO it’s still a good idea to add this solution to the core, it shouldn’t be a big thing for a developer to set up a redis server, it’s probably easier than setting up a replica set for oplog tailing…

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Thank you for the feedback @XTA! We want to hear more and more feedback and suggestions from our community. :grin: