Meteor 2.2.1 released! πŸŽ‰

Meteor 2.2.1 has been released! This is a security release including the latest Node.js 12 that was just released with a security update.

You can update to this released by running meteor update --release 2.2.1 in you app.


v2.2.1, 2021-06-02


  • Node.js updated to 12.22.2
  • npm updated to 6.14.13

Meteor Version Release

Meteor 2.3.1 is currently in development with the updated Node version and should be available in the next few days as well.


Very punctual! :ok_hand:

Thank you.

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Not sure if its just me, but I am stuck with all my other packages not updating.

I’ve tried running with the flag --all-packages, I tried manually updating these packages, tried removing and re-adding - they always come back at the same version.

How can I work out which is the dependent package holding them back?

In the packages file I removed all the specific versions (@1.2.0 etc…) but that just came back by itself anyway.

Might be packages for 2.3

Don’t worry about those. They are part of Meteor 2.3, so you will have to update to Meteor 2.3 meteor update --release 2.3 if you want to use them.

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ahhh! thanks :man_facepalming:t3:
Looking forward to 2.3 then :smiley:

I’m also a little bit confused now… Is 2.3 already available? In the changelog it seems to be published already?

Yes it is, but it is not yet recommended, that is where 2.3.1 comes in. But unless you are on Windows it should be fine to update. Just make sure to pay attention to the changelog.

It has just released another version of Node.js 12.22.3

And for Meteor 2.3.1 maybe is better idea to consider Node v14.17.3 (LTS) | Node.js

Yeah, I’ll update Node once I get up (already in bed) and release a new RC then.