Meteor 2.2 and iOS cordova apps

The error throws when I update meteor 2.2 and build ios.

/.meteor/local/cordova-build/platforms/ios/TestApps/CDVLaunchScreen.storyboard:Ze5-6b-2t3: error: Named colors do not work prior to iOS 11.0. [12]

This issue doesn’t happen on Meteor 2.1

Did you check this error in general? I don’t think it’s directly related to Meteor. It seems related to iOS versions.

Thank @filipenevola

As I said, the issue only happens when I upgrade 2.2, but with 2.1 not happens.
I trying to debug code on my apps.

So I think meteor 2.2 had upgraded packages or changed some code effect on the config.

I just found the issue happens because the Meteor had updated the NEW Cordova packages
And it’s throwing this error:

  • Reinstall cordova-plugin-inappbrowser plugin to make sure it is the newest
  • Update code to fix “Named colors do not work prior to iOS 11.0. [12]”
App.setPreference('deployment-target', '11.0', 'ios');

It fixed my issue.