Meteor 2.2 state of the art examples?

Hi everyone, I started out with Meteor back in 2013 and used it for my projects up until around 2018.

I’m going to be rewriting one of my old, large projects and since real-time is something that’s required, I’m considering using Meteor again. But a lot has changed in the time I’ve been away…

I’m looking for an example/template project that has many examples and that is state of the art in setup.

React, Hooks, Redux/Saga (or other state managment) mixed in with Meteor real-time hooks, TypeScript, Tailwind, etc. On the server, a mix of Meteor Methods and Publications (and if there’s anything else people are using these days). Wouldn’t even mind a side Node project for non-realtime (async) API calls (restful) even.

Anyone know of a good repo I can clone?

A good template is pup:

The developer has recently rebranded his company to do broader stuff than Meteor, but I think he still does Meteor consulting:

My research project, RadGrad, is a modern, open source, non-trivial Meteor application that includes many of the things you’re looking for (React, Hooks, Redux, Typescript, Methods, Publications):

Good luck!


Thank you @philipmjohnson, the project looks like a good reference.

Oh, btw, here is a design pattern for when you need to use Meteor Methods with React Components. I haven’t seen this documented anywhere else:


Wow really helpful! Thanks for all the great references!

Probably not everything you want, but some smaller examples are here:

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You have a note in the post: Implementing Dynamic React Components using Meteor Methods | RadGrad

NOTE: Meteor methods run on both the client and server side.

This is not automatic: The way it use to be circa '16 is the MM only runs on both the client and server if they’re defined in the shared space. If the MM is only defined on the server, then MM will not be pushed to the client on load, and you loose the isomorphic nature – in that when the client makes the call out to the MM on the server there is NO instant (simulated) return.

Great post by the way, thanks for writing it!

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I have used Pup for many projects. The latest pup uses GraphQL since the older pup uses only Meteor.

I have used both many times but for my next project i will leave the graphql out and stay with Meteor only.

Take a try, it is very good boilerplate

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