Meteor 2.4 is out!

Hey everyone!

Meteor 2.4 is now out and recommended. See highlights below!

• Unified Meteor NPM installer
• Windows improvements
• Runtime performance improvements
• Typescript update to 4.3.5
• Apollo skeleton now uses Apollo server v3

For more details, check out the link here.

Please let us know if you have any questions!


I’m using Linux Ubuntu, it took me 5 minutes to figure out that I need to modify the $PATH environment in order to access meteor command.
I add this to my ~/.bash_profile file:

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.meteor

Could you update the document? I think it could help other developers.


Love the changes, great update!

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I’ll add it to the migration changelog.


I (coincidentally) ran meteor update --all-packages yesterday on several of my systems. It updated them all to meteor 2.4 (that’s what is listed in the .meteor/release file).

I am not clear about how (or even whether I need to) migrate to the npm-based installer. If I run the npm-based installer command, will this result in anything different from running meteor update?

Basically, I’d like to ask that you update the “migration” section of the changelog to be explicit about what current users of Meteor need to do: should we simply use meteor update to get to 2.4, or do we need to reinstall Meteor using the npm process?



By the way, the post links to Publish and subscribe | Meteor API Docs , but info about the publication strategies (SERVER_MERGE / NO_MERGE / NO_MERGE_NO_HISTORY) does not seem to exist yet in the docs?

That is an amazing release! I really like the publication strategies and the NPM installer :+1:

good idea to always supply desired release on the meteor command

meteor --release $curr_release foo_cmd_goes_here

I can see them, the link works for me strange.

No, if you have meteor already installed you don’t have to worry about anything, everything is going to work as usual.

I can see them now as well, looks like the docs have been updated. Thanks!

Could be cool to add some concrete use case examples of each type?

Also, in terms of API, could the strategy not be added to the third options parameter of Meteor.publish? That would seem like a more logical spot, no?

Meteor.publish( 'foo', function() => {
  // ...
}, { strategy: NO_MERGE } ) 
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Hi, you don’t need to update the installer.

The npm package called meteor is just an installer.

In the same way that you didn’t need to reinstall Meteor to upgrade when we were using the curl... command you also don’t need to reinstall meteor to upgrade now.

meteor update is always enough to update Meteor in a project.

Also, meteor npm package shouldn’t be a dependency in your package.json.

Hi @rijk, we are working in a video to explain this feature with an example :slight_smile:

@renanccastro is working on it and it should be available soon.