Meteor 2.6-beta.2 with MongoDB v5 Support

:mega: Hello, everyone. :mega:
We’ve just released a new Meteor beta version, 2.6-beta.2 which includes the support and update to MongoDB v5.
We really appreciate any time you can spend giving it a try and reporting any bugs/comments in the related PR here: #11831

To use it, run the following in an existing meteor project:

meteor update --release 2.6-beta.2



Just upgraded to 2.6 beta.2, my Meteor with Apollo server works normaly, database version is 5.0.5, so far so good.


Meteor 2.6 (node process) on my laptop use much more CPU resource than the version 2.5. My CPU frequency boost stays at the top (4.4GHz), the temperature raises very quickly.

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App running fine. Also deployed to a production with an Atlas connection to a Mongo 4.4.11. All seem ok.

This message in the local mongo console:

MongoDB shell version v5.0.5                  
connecting to: mongodb://
Implicit session: session { "id" : UUID("dcc9e92c-d309-466d-a587-404a1763d928") }
MongoDB server version: 5.0.5
Warning: the "mongo" shell has been superseded by "mongosh",
which delivers improved usability and compatibility.The "mongo" shell has been deprecated and will be removed in
an upcoming release.
For installation instructions, see
The server generated these startup warnings when booting: 
        2022-01-11T15:32:06.301+04:00: ** WARNING: The default write concern may change when upgrading to 5.0. Use setDefaultRWConcern to set a cluster-wide default write concern that won't change.


2.6-beta.3 solved the CPU usage issues