Meteor 2.6 Email!

Maybe I’ve been out of the loop for a while but I just received an email that said:

If you are using MongoDB Atlas, M0/M2/M5 clusters will automatically be upgraded to MongoDB 5.0 next week. You need to upgrade your Meteor app before this happens or your app will stop working .

Um… does that mean our production environments will fall over next week if we are not on Meteor 2.6. We had a myriad of issues trying to get to Meteor 2.5 and left it on 2.3. I’m guessing that I’ve missed some emails from MongoDB alerting us of this upgrade to 5.0?

EDIT: I don’t handle the MongoDB side of things but from what I can tell we probably don’t use M0/M2/M5 clusters.

Hi @arkanis50, I think they sent these emails in November last year, you can see that it was mentioned in this feature request created in our discussions. We also had a few topics here in the forums where that was mentioned.

If you use those clusters or not, you can check it on the Atlas dashboard.