Meteor 2.7.1 is here! Includes TailwindCSS 3 and 2FA package

Hey everyone!

Meteor 2.7.1 is now out and recommended. See highlights below!

• New 2FA package
• TailwindCSS 3.x Support
• Support for PostCSS

For more details, check out this blog post.
We also have another post showing how to use the new 2FA package.

Please let us know if you have any questions!


I’m coming back to Meteor!!!


Nice additions, been needing a 2FA package for a while now!

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Hey Matt, what are you coming back from? Just curious :).

Let’s see… graphql (apollo), firebase, and ruby on rails.

Meteor had stolen my heart before all of that but unfortunately I gave it away to these other shinies instead of staying loyal. But now that I got a taste of bitter I am back for the sweet!!


I hope meteor can appreciate you with the right policies.
It is very important that the logical and basic needs of users are met in a timely and accurate manner