Meteor 2.7.2 Still Broken in Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11

We just updated our app to Meteor 2.7.2 and upon testing Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11, they all still white-screen with errors in the console. We’ve noticed this since recently upgrading to 2.7.1 from 1.10.2.

For control, we also tested several of the live Meteor demo apps and they all are broken too. But I’m not sure if they are running Meteor 2.7.2.

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IE 9 support was removed recently. That might have affected all the IE versions

IE 9 being removed is fine. It’s IE 11 I’m more worried about. We still have users that send complaints about a white-screen in our app and it’s usually because of IE 11.

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often its because you import a npm package which is not transpiled, which becomes more and more the norm. node_modules are not transpiled by default in meteor (and many other bundlers)

you might see an error in the console (in one huge minifed script) with a line and row. Best copy that script and try to jump at the exact location in a text editor and you might see something. Often you see more modern es code there like const = ... or class or so, which is usual from untranspiled node modules.

having said that, we successfully managed to convince customers to not support IE11. Its usually not a big deal anymore. Its actually bad for everyone to support it, you will invest in keeping it alive.

Best show a big banner that explains that you no longer support outdated browsers (IE11 actually was already outdated when it came out cough cough)


Is there a way to transpile a non-transpiled package?

@evolross - You can mark an NPM package for recompilation using configuration in package.json – I vaguely remember Ben talking about this at a Meteor Night a long time ago when he introduced the modern vs. legacy bundle/build system.

Documentation here: