Meteor 2.7.4-beta.2 was released!

Hello everyone,

:rocket::rocket::rocket: Meteor 2.7.4-beta.2 was released. :tada:

What’s new?

  • The main highlight of this version is this PR, where we’re introducing the MongoDB Package Async API.

You can update your app with meteor update --release 2.7.4-beta.2 :comet::comet::comet:

Check it out and give us your feedback!


Great to see that we are now moving with these PRs.

@denyhs, question: what and how should this be tested?

Also tagging @radekmie (thanks for the PR)

Nice, so is there a changelog or we just have to read through all of these git comments etc?

Hi guys,

What need to be tested are the new async methods added to the collections: createCappedCollectionAsync , createIndexAsync , dropCollectionAsync , dropIndexAsync , findOneAsync , insertAsync , removeAsync , updateAsync , and upsertAsync.

Also, there are new async methods on the cursor.

So, answering @truedon, the changelog is basically the PR’s description.

In the description, you’ll see all the new methods that were added and need to be tested. You don’t need to read through all the comments, just the description :slight_smile:

Thank you all!


Thanks Denilson I’ll take a look and give it a try! :+1:

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Nice to see this work going forward.

I’m planning to have GitHub - quavedev/collections: Utility package to create Meteor collections in a standard way compatible with async asap.


I’m a bit confused here. If you’re introducing async functions… does this mean that the sync versions (findOne) will be deprecated with the changes related to fibers ?


The plan is outlined here: Change how Meteor executes Async code · Discussion #11505 · meteor/meteor · GitHub

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