Meteor 2.7 with mongo 3.2

Hello there,
I am in a tricky situation:
I am deploying meteor on an environment where mongo 3.2 is still used. I have no way of upgrading it. How can I downgrade mongo driver to make it work ?

Thanks !

Seems the changes to move to the new mongo driver version is huge. You might not be able to downgrade without reverting those changes.

If you have a hard constraint on mongodb version, seems the only way is to use a lower meteor version supporting the driver that you need

I was wondering if there was alternatives…

I have not much datas and won’t have much and I found TingoDB but it seems old.

Is there any way to replace mongodb with an embedded node package ?

At the end, if there are no alternatives I will use the file system…

Hey @antoineo, you should be able to use Meteor 2.7 with MongoDB 3.6. Could you try migrating you database to this version and test it?

From the Meteor 2.6 migration guide:

This version of Meteor is also compatible with previous version of MongoDB server, so you can continue using the latest Meteor without any issues even if you are not running MongoDB 5.x yet. You can check here which versions of MongoDB server the Node.js driver in the version 4.3.0 supports and as a consequence these are the versions of MongoDB server supported by Meteor 2.6 as well. In short, Meteor 2.6 supports these versions of MongoDB server: 5.1, 5.0, 4.4, 4.2, 4.0, 3.6.

Hey !

I’ll try to explain this to the sysadmin but there are a very few chances that it’ll work…
I am currently reading the mongo migration guide to explain this in details.

A possibility is to switch to mysql as an instance is available but i’d rather stay on mongodb as all my datas are in JSON…