Meteor 2.9 is here 🎉

Hey everyone,

Meteor 2.9 is now out and recommended! :confetti_ball:

The new version brings updates on TypeScript to v4.6.4. Take a look at some of the highlights below!

Other highlights:
• New scaffolding in the CLI
• MongoDB performance upgrades
• New Vue3 Skeleton and more!

For full details on the release, click here to read the blog post by @grubba.




Generators are exciting. I hope this cascades down to for standardized support for migrations and jobs

Hi, I get interested in the scaffolding in the CLI, I was wondering if there are plans to add scaffolding with validated methods?

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Hello, Can we update to this version 2.9 without having migrated all our code with Async suffix ?

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Hello @diavrank95 for now I would say that if the validated methods package could make a function to be used in the scaffold API like this one that is on the docs Command Line | Meteor API Docs The scaffold API was designed to be extensible to the end user, the community can create packages and make more complex for specific use cases.

I was thinking of adding an example for a more specific use case using a mock to simulate complex scenarios like creating migrations or cron jobs.

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