Meteor 3.0 and Galaxy 2.0 Launch Week

Hey, @vikr00001, version 2.16 is currently a Release Candidate, so there isn’t a migration guide available yet—and there might not be one. We only make migration guides if you need to change something in your app to upgrade or to take advantage of new features or fixes.

You can check out all the links on the Launch Week page: We’re also emailing them to everyone who signed up for launch week updates.

@ fredmaiaarantes,

Very good. My app is running in 2.15 - does that mean it’s a good time to start updating to version 3.0?

Okay. Suggestion: change the text in the blog post to:

If you are not in version 2.14 yet, make sure to follow the migration guides from your current version up to Meteor 2.14.

That could avoid confusion.


Meteor 3 and Galaxy 2 Launch Week: Day 3

We’re excited to launch Galaxy Databases, a new addition to our suite of services!

Check out the new article: Unified MeteorJS and MongoDB Hosting.


The missing piece! Congratulations

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Do you have any plan for Redis?

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We’re excited to launch Galaxy Databases , a new addition to our suite of services. Initially, we’re offering robust support for MongoDB, backed by a dedicated and specialized team ready to assist you every step of the way. But that’s not all – in the near future, we’ll be rolling out support for other databases, including FerretDB, Redis, PostgreSQL , and more. With Galaxy Databases, you can expect top-tier performance, seamless integration, and excellent support for all your data hosting needs.


Meteor 3 and Galaxy 2 Launch Week: Day 4

Yesterday, we finished our Launch Week announcing the transition from Meteor APM to Monti APM! Our goal is to provide our developers with even more powerful tools.

Check out the new article here.

This Week In Meteor
Meteor Dispatches is back with @storyteller, @jkuester and @alimgafar! Today’s episode is about the launch week of Meteor 3 and Galaxy 2! Start in a few moments. Watch here.