Meteor 3.0 is coming and you can learn with me as your mentor

Hey all, Quave is doubling down in Meteor now that version 3.0 is coming with Node.js 20.

We have never given up on Meteor; quite the opposite. We have already convinced many clients to stay in Meteor, and we have never lost a business goal business because of Meteor.

But two things are starting soon:

We will start a big new project for a client with Meteor next Monday.

We have many Meteor projects for many clients, but this new project could showcase Meteor capacity and freshness to all in a few months.

This project will not be open-sourced (it’s a commercial product), but the final app and web app will be B2C, so you will be able to use it if it makes sense to you (it’s in the Camping/RV space).

We plan to use Meteor 3 as soon as possible, so we will adopt the new API everywhere (we already have projects with Meteor 3 in production as well).

Ok, what do I mean by “Quave is doubling down in Meteor”?

We will start on March 25th an education project that will teach a lot of Meteor things and use Meteor for many things.

It’s a paid project, but if you want to join, you can do so.

You can read more details here.

It’s not a Meteor course; it’s a course for Developers who are afraid of AI and want to improve their skills. It will include Meteor on its topics because we believe Meteor is an excellent choice for many use cases and projects.


I don’t get it. You pay to work on real-life projects while getting mentored and videos/content made during the process aren’t even owned by you (the developer)?


No, zero minutes will be spent on client work. ZERO.

You will be developing code for yourself but with our guidance :wink:

I don’t know where you read that people would work for free or do client work. Could you point out to me so I can improve the copy?


Added a new Question to our FAQ:

It wasn’t explicitly stated and given the emphasis on gaining real world experience that’s seemed the most proper route. You might want to highlight the content on the main page and give it its own section instead of placing it in another route.

I understand you may had just started this out to garner feedback but it’s still vague, for instance how many hours would I expect to get weekly during mentorship? We record a little video during our code review session. Would it be only mine or you reserve the right to feature it on the website?

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Yes. We will add more stuff to FAQ along the way and also decide details with paid members.

It doesn’t make sense to decide everything with non paid members, right?

The public info (landing page) should focus on the decision process and the rest people can ask by email (it’s one of the questions on FAQ, not sure? Send an email).

But thanks for the feedback. I’ll think about those as well.

More details about the live sessions would be helpful indeed. The problem is that I don’t know how many hours people will have available. Especially because they are already profissional developers.

We will also have easy rules to refund people, we only want to have engaged and happy members. Too much trouble to convince people that are not happy to improve and study. :wink:

Quick feedback: I’m confused what’s this about :grin:

Even more quick feedback: doesn’t sound like the real @filipenevola to me.

Hahahaha, I don’t know why, but ok :slight_smile:

I have had education projects for a long time, usually free (mostly in Portuguese), but this one will require a lot of my time (live calls) so it’s paid.

I sent two topics in the same post, and maybe that is the confusing part.

What they have in common: a lot of Meteor.

1 - We are starting a cool new project in Meteor (we don’t see a lot of announcements of new projects in Meteor, unfortunately).
2 - I’m starting a long-term education program called aiProofDev that will include many things about Meteor and how Quave uses Meteor to deliver our projects.

That is all.

For a moment there, I thought your account has been compromised or something like that :sweat_smile: . I’m familiar with your posts, and you are usually careful with formatting, whereas these ones looked a lot more rushed than usual.

All good, by the looks of it :slight_smile:

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This whole discussion confused me as well, but it did allow me to think of a potentially a good idea:

Build an actual, real-world usable application on Meteor, as an open source project, with all the coding streamed and uploaded to youtube. Deploy it to Galaxy - and have the GitHub repo explain clearly how anyone else can fork and deploy to Galaxy as well.

Would be a great showcase of Meteor, marketing for Galaxy as well as potentially delivering a good application for people to use. We can run a poll on what kind of application to build… (Wekan is the poster child for something like this…).

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I’ve seen people on YouTube who do exactly what you describe, just not with Meteor. Wait, I think that someone from the community here has streamed coding sessions as well, unless my memory plays with me right now. Can’t remember who and didn’t watch it but I’ve seen it.

marketing for Galaxy

I don’t think Filipe would be interested :rofl:

Every time someone replies to this thread … Filipe gets some advertising … not paid for :))

… and yet … I replied to this myself … just to say that this post should be deleted and commercial advertising should be charged for.

PS. … I am still debugging on @quave/eslint-plugin-meteor-quave written for Node 14 with NPM libraries for > Node16… Calling yourself a mentor … might be a bit too much in this community of professionals…

Why? As with most open source projects, the existence of commercial projects built upon or related to that technology is an important lifeline of the project as commercial projects are the ones that actually generate money. And are also a very good indication of the project’s actual value since real world decision makers have chosen the tech.

On top of that, one of the biggest hurdles working against the adoption of any framework is overcoming the initial learning curve. Any kind of mentoring, be it commercial or non-commercial, is a good thing as it helps to alleviate that.

If anyone in the Meteor community has a project that might be of interest to anyone else here, why not share it? If a company generates some revenue from it, so what? It does not cost you anything. I would understand if the forums would be overflown with commercial spam, but they’re not. Far from it.