Meteor 3.0-rc.2 is out!

We have a new release: meteor 3.0-rc.2

Hello everyone! Here we have one more update for Meteor 3! :tada: :rocket:


  • Node to 20.12.2 and Npm to 10.5.0 [PR]
  • Typescript to 5.4.5 [PR]


  • Fix async OP behaviors on server (oauth packages) [PR]
  • Environment Variable Tweaks [PR]
  • Fix error log create cmd [PR]
  • Fix assets method names [PR]

How to test it?

Installing Meteor

npx meteor@rc

Existing projects:

meteor update --release 3.0-rc.2

Starting a project:

meteor create app-name --release 3.0-rc.2

Your help testing this version by creating a new app or migrating your current one will be extremely helpful!

Please give us your feedback, and if you find any issues, you can create a post here or open an issue on GitHub .


We need an even bigger confetti ball emoji for this :smiley:


Thanks, @denyhs ! One observation. In the forum post for rc1 you mentioned the following regarding Vue 3:

Make sure to use jorgenvatle:vite-bundler and migrate any third-party packages.

It would be great if that info ends up in the final release as well in some form. Either in the docs, migration guide and/or release notes. For an outsider it might not be very simple to understand which bundler package exactly Meteor 3 currently has targeted for Vue 3.

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Great job guys, we’re getting close maybe 2 more RCs and we’d be done?

It’d be nice if this can be taken care of in the next release

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I tried the basic structure with flow router and getting error, can someone point out what I am missing or implemented wrong here is the full issue link

  • Fix async OP behaviors on server (oauth packages) [PR ]

This fix produced a regression, so oauth is not working well yet for some services. The new fix has been provided here and will be released on next RC. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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For sure! I’m taking notes on this.

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I’ll try to add this to the next one!

This has been fixed without the need of a new release. fix: oauth_.fetch invocation on github_server and google_server by brunoeduardodev · Pull Request #13153 · meteor/meteor · GitHub

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this was solved recently with the last version of flow router :
See : veliovgroup/flow-router#109

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