Meteor 3 or 2, where to start

Hi everyone,

I start to learn meteor and i have a doubt, start in meteor 2 or 3? Where I can download the meteor 3?


Sorry my English

Hi @lemesdaniel,

Meteor 3 is in alpha right now so unless you are willing to work with all the changes that come in these early stages of development and are not planning to deploy your app till at least around the end of the year then you can probably start there, otherwise I would advise to start on the latest Meteor 2 and use as much async methods as possible.

For details on Meteor 3 watch this PR:

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For someone new to Meteor, version 3 will be a steeper climb because of the lack of centralized documentation (currently a focus of the Meteor team). And as @storyteller mentioned, it is still rough around the edges.

Meteor 2 is an excellent start to grasp how meteor work. Just note that anything about “Fibers” will be replaced by normal promises in Meteor 3.


If you are learning Meteor but not starting an actual project, just use Meteor 2.

But if you are starting an actual project already, I would say Meteor 2 as well, but try to use the async API of MongoDB everywhere.

This will prevent you from a significant migration for Meteor 3.