Meteor.absoluteUrl() does not work anymore?


This is an very simple issue to reproduce:

server/main.js file =>

Meteor.startup(function () {
  process.env.ROOT_URL = ''; //the actual server ip on my network
  console.log(Meteor.absoluteUrl());            //returns http://localhost:3000/
  console.log(process.env.ROOT_URL);            //returns

I am using METEOR@1.3-rc.10.

It is not the expected behavior, as stated by the 1.2.1 documentation (no mention of absoluteUrl() in the guide) :

Generate an absolute URL pointing to the application. The server reads from the ROOT_URL environment variable to determine where it is running.

Should I post this as an issue?

Yes! This is an issue!

Yeah, Me too. Try Meteor.absoluteUrl.defaultOptions.rootUrl and wait MDG fix it.

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Meteor.absoluteUrl("xyz", { rootUrl: process.env.ROOT_URL });