Meteor accounts-facebook Valid OAuth redirect URIs issue Facebook March update


I’m using meter version

Facebook has announced that Valid OAuth redirect URIs must be included for apps using their service starting in March.

“In March, we’re making a security update to your app settings that will invalidate calls from URIs not listed in the Valid OAuth redirect URIs field below.This update comes in response to malicious activity we saw on our platform, and we want to protect your app or website by requiring a new strict mode for redirect URIs.”

I am adding what is the correct OAuth redirect URI for my application

After adding this redirect URI though I’m getting an error in the oauth popup when trying to login:

Not Logged In: You are not logged in. Please login and try again.

Any ideas here?


From the Meteor Guide:

Redirect URL. On the OAuth provider’s side, you’ll need to specify a redirect URL. The URL will look like:


Thanks @robfallows! I ended up solving this problem. I was using the incorrect redirect URI on the providers site.