Meteor accounts password package

Hi everyone,
I am new to meteor. Currently i was going to create a User signup and login mechanism.
while going through official document by meteor official site, i came to know i can user account-password, and account-UI packages that helps us to get what i am doing in few minutes. but i am not sure if it is safe to use. I mean these packages are not asking me to link it with db. so where are they saving user info. if i am not wrong they are storing user info at there end, which is not secure.

  1. So what should i do in such case should i make my own account password system or should just go with
    this package.
  2. if you recommend using same package, can i change its UI.
  3. if you recommend to make my own signup-login system, can i get a reference document or any simple example from where i can get syntax and all other stuff to see how meteor works.

thanks in advance for those who are going to put any effort on this thanks in advance.

  1. No, you should not make your own. The account-password package is quite safe to use and as the base for your registration and login is one of the greatest time savers in meteor. Data is stored safely in Mongodb in a ‘users’ collection.
  2. Use of the account-ui packages is purely optional. If you want a custom-ui you should build your one, using the accounts-package API’s to invoke the required functions (login, logout, register, etc) Details here:, and
    3… see 2.

can i get the list of all account-password package at once (all created users).

Meteor.users.find({}).fetch(); would get you a list of all created users in the database, if this is what you’re after. Running the query in your server code (as opposed to client side, for example in the browser’s console) will ensure that you are indeed having access to all the data in the database.

And indeed, you really should not be rolling your own accounts system unless (1) you really know what you are doing and (2) you have a very good reason why you cannot use Meteor’s own solution. In the vast majority of cases at least one of these prerequisites is not met.

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thanks for your answer. it directed me to right direction.

thanks a lot command works for me.